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HR Consultations

Businesses: Policies, protocols, SOPs, expert advice, training, logos, and website designs.

Individuals: Resumes, C.V.s, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, business cards, job placement, personal branding.

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HR JOY, PLLC is planning a large workshop to aid individuals in resume writing, job searching, LinkedIn profile design, and other individual services offered. There will also be a raffle for a "GOLD" resume package (a $55 value)!

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Fiverr website where she is a Level 1 Seller!

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Subcribe to HR JOY, PLLC and receive $10 off the regular package prices for your first order. 

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Joy Hernandez, owner of HR JOY, PLLC is now the Government Affairs Liaison for the Legislative Committee of SHRM-Greater Tucson!  

HR JOY, PLLC is in contract negotiations with several businesses. Stay tuned! 

Coming soon, new logo to kick off HR JOY, PLLC 2.0!



You have questions, and HR JOY has answers. E-mail and ask your question.

FAQ of the day: 

Q: Do you provide coaching on job searching and interview preparation? 

A: Without a doubt! It comes standard with my "GOLD" Premium resume package, but I will happily provide this service separate from a resume package if so desired. E-mail for custom offers. 


Offerings of JOY

Send all inquiries to

JOYous Events



Many organizations have requested a workshop for individuals who need assistance with resume writing, and LinkedIn account creation. Stay tuned for more details. If interested in this workshop, please e-mail to be included in announcements about a date, time, and location of the workshop. 

No upcoming events.

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Customer/Client Testimonials

Here's what HR JOY's clients and customers have to say about their experience! (providing anonymity where necessary)

***** ~A.K.~

"Outstanding Experience!"

***** ~P.K.~

 "It was time to update my resume when I reached out to Joy. I placed my order over the 4th of July. I really did not expect to hear from her until the end of the week. Everything was done in 3 days!. The industry knowledge that Joy has along with her willingness to really understand her clients needs making her resourcing a valuable service."

***** ~W.B.~

"Outstanding Experience!"

***** ~D.K.~

" It was an absolute pleasure to work with Joy. She made this process so enjoyable and exciting. Not only did she deliver on her promise of a professional resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile, but she also walked me through how to continue the building of my profile and locate jobs."

***** ~A.M.~

 "Joy made my resume and cover letter better than I thought it could ever be. She gave great tips about what was missing and what I could do to add to it in the future. She completed my resume right away and was very responsive to my questions. Thanks so much Joy!!"

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***** ~C.R.~

"Outstanding experience!"

***** ~R.M.~

 "In need of some help giving my resume and profile a fresh look Joy's experience stood out to me. She was quick to get back to me about my request and was patient with replies. She also gave my resume and LinkedIn profile the facelift that it needed to take it All Star status! I am excited to get out there and and start applying for jobs now!"